Finding the Right Sports Gear for Kayak Tours

Finding the right kayak sports gear can spell the difference between a comfortable and memorable adventure and one that you would rather forget. More importantly, the right sports gear for kayak tours will keep you safe from injuries and other dangers. When looking for the right kayak sports gear, check out the list below.

Kayaking gloves

For comfortable kayaking and less risk for blisters and cuts, a good pair of kayaking gloves will protect your hands. More comfort means more time to enjoy paddling in the water.

Paddle jacket

A paddle jacket may be useful if you are planning on long kayaking trips, although they tend to keep you very warm and may not be needed during sunny and calm days where you plan to do short kayak trips.

Inflatable pump

For those who are renting inflatable kayaks, most kayak tours offer inflatable kayak pumps for easy inflation of the kayak. In most cases, personnel are required to inflate the kayaks for you.

Spray skirt

A spray skirt is attached on the cockpit of the kayak to keep the paddler dry. Most kayaks offered by kayak tours come with spray skirts and you can request for your kayak to be fitted with one.

Crash helmet

This is needed when doing whitewater kayaking and it’s included in most kayak rentals.

Dry bag

The possibility of capsizing is small but you want to be prepared for this. Protect your valuables and other items that will get damaged in the water such as food, clothing, and cameras with a good dry bag. It stays afloat and keeps the contents dry even if your kayak overturns.

Water shoes

A good pair of water shoes will help keep your feet comfortable when getting in and out of the water. Just make sure that the shoes are not too clunky and that they fit into the kayak as you go in or out.


A knife may not be something that you will need to use but it may come in handy when you are stuck in some branches or if there are branches under your kayak.


There are two types of kayaking paddles: touring and whitewater rafting paddles. Touring paddles are made of two pieces made of adjustable ferrule positions made for obstructed or unobstructed paddling. One can also choose the length, the blade shape, and the material of the paddle. A whitewater kayak paddle has a rigid shaft and a wide blade.

Personal floatation devices

For kayaking, the required personal floatation device must be classed as type II or V. Most kayak tours are required to offer personal floatation devices for the safety of the user, as well as provide instructions on how to use these devices.

Going on kayak tours

When choosing kayaking tour, go for those that offer complete safety and sports equipment. Most kayak tours offer basic equipment such as life jackets and helmets, and more specialized safety sports equipment according to the level of adventure you’ll be having. Most kayak tours in California also assign guides per group.