Preparing For an Enjoyable Kayak Camping Trip

If you are preparing for your first kayak camping trip, then you should get to know the essentials before you go on your trip. Camping out with your kayak is ideally a solitary journey with minimalistic gear for purposes of convenience as well as for making the whole experience more worthwhile and authentic. You will want to pack only the very basics, but still allow for enough stuff to make your first kayak camping trip a fruitful as well as enjoyable one.

First of all, if you really plan to go on a trip by yourself, then you should get the basics down. You should know how to start a fire, build your own shelter and most importantly, how to swim whether it’s in freshwater, brackish water or seawater. Learn the basics of survival swimming such as how to tread water, how to float on your back and how to do the sidestroke. If you cannot do this much, then it might be a good idea to learn how before you start planning for your kayaking trip. A life jacket won’t do you any good if it somehow fails and you wind up with only yourself and your kayak when disaster strikes.

In any case, these safety concerns should not put you off on kayak camping since it can be one of the best ways to commune with nature and be at peace with yourself in the hustle and bustle of modern living. Nothing beats the sense of tranquility and calm that you can experience via a kayak camping trip.

As for what to pack for your camping trip, you should pack by order of importance. Your primary concerns would be food and water. Decide on whether you want to go with canned goods or dried food or a combination of both. If you are planning on kayaking on a river on in areas where fresh water is abundant, make sure you pack some things to help you disinfect or purify the water that you will be drinking. Remember that if anything goes wrong in the middle of your trip, you might need to survive on your own for a few days before help arrives – assuming that you can even signal or call for help. Dried foods are often well-recommended since they take up very little space. If you want to mix it up a bit, you can bring some luxury canned items along. Just make sure that you are actually prepared to eat all of the different types of food that you bring because every little bit of space that you can save while packing actually counts given the limited amount of space you will have for kayak camping.

Next on the list of necessities is some paddle clothing. Bring along more stuff than you think you might need. It is especially important for you to secure your paddle so that you will be able to safely recover it even if it somehow gets wrested away from your hands while on your kayak trip. In fact, experienced kayakers often recommend that you bring one extra paddle along. Wetsuit, gloves, a hat, sunglasses and a spare swimsuit are all necessities when it comes to packing for kayak camping.